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Bikes over cars. Reusable bags over plastic. Electric over petrol. What's next? 

Knickers made from trees! 

When it comes to buying underwear, long gone are the days when cotton and viscose were your only choice of fabric. Eco-friendly fabrics are the way of the future, and new kids on the block TENCEL™ and bamboo are two of the biggest contenders when it comes to creating sustainable underwear that doesn't compromise style or comfort. However, with so many similarities, from the production process to the final frills, choosing between them is no simple task. 
At Stripe & Stare, we take our responsibility for caring for the planet very seriously, which is why we're team TENCEL™ all the way. Why TENCEL™, we hear you ask? Of course, we know that not everyone is an expert on sustainable knickers, so we've covered the ins and outs of the sustainable fabric debate to show why TENCEL™ trumps bamboo when it comes to creating super-soft underwear fit for the future. 


Table of Contents

  1. What is TENCEL™?
  2. What is TENCEL™ made from?
  3. How is TENCEL™ underwear made?
  4. What is bamboo?
  5. How is bamboo underwear made?
  6. Is bamboo underwear sustainable?
  7. Is TENCEL™ more sustainable than bamboo?
  8. Is TENCEL™ a good fabric for underwear?
  9. What's softer, Bamboo or Tencel?
  10. Is TENCEL™ biodegradable?
  11. TENCEL™ vs Bamboo: The Stripe & Stare Winner

Firstly, what is TENCEL™?

Owned by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, TENCEL ™ is a super-soft, sustainable modal fibre made with wood pulp. 95% of our products are made with TENCEL™ fabric. Why? We care deeply about sustainability and the world we are leaving behind for future generations. We choose to make our products with the most environmentally friendly fabric that we can get our hands on – and we deliver it in 100% recyclable packaging, too. 


What is TENCEL™ made from?

TENCEL™ is made from cellulose, or, as you and I would call it, wood. It is responsibly sourced from sustainable tree farms, making it one of the best fabrics for creating sustainable underwear. 


How is TENCEL™ underwear made?

TENCEL™ fibres are extracted from naturally grown resources. The process is environmentally friendly and completely self-sufficient in energy, making TENCEL™ a truly fantastic choice in terms of sustainability. After being extracted and harvested, TENCEL™ wood pulp is mixed with a solvent, transformed into threads, and dried and spun to create fabric. 100% of the raw material extracted is converted into cellulose and other bio-based products, meaning there is no waste whatsoever. 


What is bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is an umbrella term for various textiles, which differ based on their production. There are three main types of bamboo fabric: Viscose, lyocell, and bamboo linen. In recent years, bamboo material has become a big contender for creating sustainable underwear. It is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton and is used to create various products, including everything from vests and pillowcases to knickers and socks.


How is bamboo underwear made?

Bamboo plants are harvested to obtain fibres, which are then sent through to a textile plant to be chemically treated. Chemicals are used to break down the bamboo fibres, transforming them into super-soft threads ready for production.


Is bamboo underwear sustainable?

It's easy to assume that bamboo underwear is environmentally friendly. However, is it really as sustainable as it's made out to be?

When harvested, bamboo's roots aren't destroyed, meaning that the plant can recover and regrow. However, unlike TENCEL™, it's not always guaranteed that the plants used for bamboo are sustainably sourced. What's more, the process of extracting and obtaining bamboo uses corrosive chemicals that can be damaging and toxic to the surrounding environment – something that at Stripe & Stare, we want to avoid at all costs.


Is TENCEL™ more sustainable than bamboo??

The process of creating TENCEL™ fabric requires less energy and water than that of bamboo and produces less waste. What's more, the production of TENCEL™ fibres recycles most of the water used and is not damaging to the surrounding environment, which is not the case for bamboo.


Is TENCEL™ a good fabric for underwear?

Our mission at Stripe & Stare is not only to create sustainable underwear that is kind to the planet, but that is also super-soft, empowering and makes you feel good. 

With this in mind, we use TENCEL™ to create our underwear because it is a breathable, comfy fabric that helps to regulate body temperature. The smooth surface it offers is unbelievably snug, making it a truly luxurious choice for close-to-skin garments, including pyjamas!


What's softer, TENCEL™ or bamboo?

TENCEL™ fabric offers a smooth, soft feel and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is durable, hygienic, and breathable, meaning that it is a truly premium choice for all seasons. You can also easily wash and dry it, and it doesn't require a softener to maintain its super-soft touch.

Like TENCEL™, Bamboo is also soft. However, it is not as efficient when it comes to breathability and it can be more prone to wrinkling and require more work to maintain. 95% of our Stripe & Stare products are made using TENCEL™ fibres, from our tops and sweatshirts to our socks and camis, so that you can enjoy comfortable clothing for all occasions, without compromising style or sustainability. 


Is TENCEL biodegradable? 

Most TENCEL™ fibres have been verified as biodegradable, meaning that you can enjoy TENCEL™ underwear without worrying about your impact on the environment after you're done with it.

Our B-Edit collection is 100% biodegradable and is filled with super soft and stylish sustainable underwear options for you to enjoy. Simply bury it in your compost when you're done and shop your next set guilt-free!


TENCEL™ vs Bamboo: The Stripe & Stare winner

The fashion industry's impact on the environment has gone unacknowledged for far too long. Fast fashion is filling up our landfills and impacting our environment, and we, like many others, want to make a difference. Of course, no one is perfect, especially regarding sustainability. However, small changes can make a world of difference. So why not start with our knickers?

Due to their similarities, TENCEL™ and bamboo are often painted with the same brush. However, there's one clear winner when it comes to super-soft underwear that is as sustainable as it is empowering. TENCEL™ underwear is truly remarkable in terms of sustainability. It offers a clearer way to a greener future and is so soft you have to touch it to believe it. 

Haven't tried it yet? Why not start your sustainable journey with us today and shop our 4 for £40 knickers. We've got something for everyone, from black and white staples to playful florals and bold and bright prints! 


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