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We’ve all been there. Whether it’s in an important meeting or catching up with a friend or even just spending all day running errands, there are times where you want to be focused and need to concentrate, but you just can’t. Why? Because the only thing on your mind is how uncomfortable your knickers are. Whether they are digging in, riding up or worst of all giving you a wedgie, when your knickers are not comfy it’s all you can think about. In fact, a study found that 27% of women claim their mood is affected when wearing uncomfy knickers, however we suspect that it is even more than that. A quick ask around Stripe & Stare HQ and almost all of us agree that uncomfortable knickers can put us in a bad mood.


Model posing in pink underwear

Clothing has an incredible amount of power and that goes for your underwear too. Putting on a pair of knickers that you know feel amazing is going to put a spring in your step, or at the very least be one less thing for you to worry about. Much like a good hair day clothes have the ability to affect how we feel about ourselves. Underwear is a part of that, but perhaps in a more powerful way, because often it is your secret. When life is feeling like an unorganised mess, wearing your ‘Monday’ knickers on the correct day can start to make you feel like you have things together. Perhaps you wake up feeling a little glum, a bright neon dotty knicker can make you feel a little bit brighter. Maybe you have an important interview or meeting that day, a smart but comfortable black knicker may just give you that extra confidence boost. Putting on your knickers may seem like just another necessary step to your morning routine, but it can have an immense impact on your day, even in a very subtle way. You may never think about your knickers on the days when they are comfortable, but you will not be able to stop thinking about them on the days where they aren’t.


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Often when we think of comfortable knickers, what comes to mind is beige, boring and very big, but knickers that look good and feel amazing are not a myth. Our knickers are not just good looking and comfortable, but they are sustainable too, what's not to love? 

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