Welcome to B-Edit. Our collection of super-soft and biodegradable lace underwear, sleepwear and loungewear. Featuring essential colours and pastel shades of compostable garments that demonstrate the latest in sustainable fibre technology. Designed in London. Grown in a forest. Composted in your garden. By women, for women. Kind to the planet, kind to you. Expand your collection with our best-selling TENCEL™ modal knickers.

Knickers biodegrading in soil over 180 days

Designed in London. Grown in a forest. Composted in your garden.

Using the absolute latest in sustainable fibre technology, we've combined 71% Tencel fibres (wood), 19% Seacell (seaweed) and 10% Roica elastane to create our compostable collection, B-Edit. Don't believe us? Watch our knickers biodegrade here. SeaCell is made from sustainably produced algae, the seafaring plant that is fast growing and gentle on your skin. Roica V55 is our replacement for traditional elastane that takes 20-50 years to biodegrade. This world-first stretch fibre technology from Japan biodegrades and has the same stretch and recovery properties as elastane. Roica smartly breaks down at the end of its life without releasing harmful substances into the environment.

Two models sat by a wall wearing biodegradable bodysuits