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A new year brings pressures of ‘a new you’, with unachievable resolutions, toxic diet culture and the need to transform into an impossible version of yourself at the forefront of everyone’s mind. This January, we’re saying hell no to new year, new me and instead we’re starting small, by sorting our knicker drawer. A place we delve into daily, rummaging for our comfiest pair and throwing that sexy lingerie we literally never wear to the side.

We understand and empathise with the quest that women go on to find the comfiest underwear for every day, building up a mound of unwanted, uncomfortable, and unsightly pairs of undercrackers, Bridget Jones-esque granny pants and unsustainable options designed purely for the male gaze. Well, it’s time for a cleanse. This January we’re refreshing our drawers, letting go of any pairs that do not serve their purpose of providing the ultimate level of comfort and support throughout our busy lives. Because let’s face it, we all have knickers we’ve held onto for an almost embarrassing length of time now, some fraying at the seams, some holey. And we’re not here to shame anyone, we understand that once you find that cloud-soft pair that feels like you’ve got nothing on at all, then it’s almost impossible to let go of.

However, we’re also believers in tidy drawers, tidy mind. The feeling of satisfaction when giving your underwear drawer that much needed cleanse is unmatched. Taking inspiration from our partnership with The Home Edit last year, we’ve learnt the best underwear folding tips from the queens of organisation themselves, Clea & Joanna. You can watch their folding tips here


An open drawer with folded knickers inside  

Where to begin

First things first, it’s time to let go of the past. If any items in your knicker drawer meet the following descriptions, we say get rid!

  • They’re uncomfortable
  • They’ve got holes in
  • They’re fraying
  • They don’t fit perfectly
  • They’re stained
  • You never reach for them

A cathartic experience like no other, removing the deadweight of your knicker drawer creates space for the perfect pairs. Ones that you’ll never regret buying, ones that meet your values and ones that you’ll reach for every day. How often should you replace your underwear we hear you ask? Find out here.

Our survey says

We wanted to see your knicker habits for ourselves, so we conducted a survey of 1,000 women and asked them a handful of questions to give us an insight into the current state of their drawers. If your knicker drawer currently resembles that of a jumble sale then fear not, you’re not alone. 64% of women said they do not currently organise their knicker drawer but wish they did. So the good news is, you’ve come to the right place! 44% of women said they own 11-20 pairs of underwear, with the majority favouriting a brief, followed by a high rise, then a thong. 41% of women say they buy new knickers every 6 months and the majority are motivated to purchase when their knickers are falling apart. Our need for an organised knicker drawer is also highlighted by the various occasions women have specific knickers for. These include date nights, sleeping, exercise and periods. Although 31% of women state they only have one type of underwear, which we assume are Stripe & Stare fanatics. Because why wear anything else?!


An open drawer filled with knickers next to a quote

Refreshing your drawers

Now the fun begins, it’s time to start shopping for the contents of your new underwear drawer. If you’re new around here then let us introduce you to The Knicker Picker, our quick-shop feature that saves you a third on every knicker you buy! Scroll through endless options of essential neutrals, bright colours, muted pastels, and fun prints, then tap the shopping bag icon every time you fall in love. If you’ve not yet converted to our original knicker, then you can also shop thongs, high rise, brazilians and unisex boxers. We like to make your life easy, so you can also shop our knicker four packs and knicker eight packs.

Close up shots of different knicker shapes


Why Stripe & Stare knickers

We believe it’s so important to know where your underwear comes from and how it is produced. The shocking statistic that less than 3% of underwear is sustainably sourced makes shopping for these products a bit of a minefield to say the least. Afterall it’s the one product you wouldn’t really want to buy second-hand. All our products are made from TENCEL™ Modal, an amazing eco-friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, these natural fibres start with the tree and end with the softest fabric you've ever felt! Using 95% less water to produce than cotton, this flexible, breathable fibre is renowned for its exceptional softness. Displaying excellent colour retention, breathability, and moisture management, TENCEL™ fibres exemplify sustainability in the textile industry. Curious to know more? Read our blog What is TENCEL™ Modal Fabric? And Why It’s The Best Fabric For Underwear to expand your knowledge.

For every order we receive, we plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar to help take on the climate crisis and reduce our carbon footprint. We're also proud to be a B Corp certified business, meaning we meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance. Read more about this here.

And did you know that all our packaging is 100% biodegradable or recyclable? From our illustrated boxes that make for the perfect gift, to our plant-based bio bags, and even our stickers can be put in the compost! You also have the option at the checkout to go packaging-free. Because we believe that even the small changes help make a difference. Want to know more about why we’re a sustainable choice? Click here.

Knicker folding 101

Now you might think this is farfetched, and we promise this is new for us too. But since converting to the folded knicker drawer, we feel like our lives have changed for the better. The joy of opening your drawer each morning to see a perfectly organised array of knicker options to choose from is the second-best morning pick-me-up after coffee. Our gorgeous lace trims all lined up in a row, flashes of neon, leopard print and tie dye staring back at you. Need we say more? See our folding technique below and give it a go for yourself.


Knickers being folded on top of a chest of drawers

What to do with your unwanted knickers

If you’ve worn your favourite Stripe & Stare knickers to death, then the good news is that they can simply be thrown in the compost! Unlike underwear made from cotton or silk that often ends up in landfill, our knickers are all made from sustainable fibres from Beechwood trees. Our main range is 95% biodegradable, meaning you can cut the lace off your knickers and thrown them in the compost! And fear not, our knickers will not biodegrade in the wash or whilst being worn, they require the damp and microbes of your compost to begin the biodegrading process. Even better is our B-Edit and Pointelle collections which are 100% biodegradable. Don’t believe us? Watch our B-Edit knickers biodegradable in 180 days below.


B-Edit knickers biodegrading in 180 days


If you haven’t yet converted to a fully Stripe & Stare knicker drawer, then your old knickers can be taken down to your local recycling centre and put into textile recycling bins. Or if you have any pairs that haven’t been worn yet, you could donate them to charity. We’ve recently donated approximately 2,000 pieces of underwear, pyjamas and loungewear to Trevi, a nationally award-winning women’s and children’s charity based in Plymouth, Devon.

Providing safe and nurturing spaces for women in recovery to heal, grow and thrive, Trevi’s compassionate and expert team provide treatment and strength to help women in crisis break free, giving them a fresh start in life. In the 29 years Trevi have been operating, they’ve helped transform the lives of thousands of women and their children. From rehab and health to housing and employment, they help any woman in recovery move from “surviving” to “thriving”. They do an amazing job and we're so proud to give a helping hand. 


Now its over to you. We’ve done our best to inspire and inform you of the power in refreshing your drawers and now we want to see it in action. We’re running a competition over on our Instagram page for the best organised knicker drawers, click here to enter.

An open drawer filled with folded knickers