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Nothing great was ever achieved in out of shape knickers. As girls big on sustainability, we prioritise getting the most out of our undies – so we know how hard it can be to part ways with that beloved pair stored at the back of your lingerie drawer. However, it's important to know when to say goodbye. Nothing good ever comes from holding onto old knickers – no matter how lucky they might be! So, how often should you replace your underwear? It's not a popular topic between friends, and it's certainly not something you chat about on the school run. Below, we've covered all you need to know about how often you should replace your underwear.


Table of Contents

  1. How often should you buy new underwear?
  2. Signs your underwear is past its expiration date
  3. Why is it important to replace your underwear?
  4. What to do with old underwear?
  5. How to make your underwear last longer
  6. Shop high-quality underwear at Stripe & Stare!


How often should you buy new underwear?

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to how often you should replace your underwear. However, as a general rule of thumb, we'd recommend replacing your underwear every six months to a year

How often you should replace your underwear comes down to various factors, one being how many pairs of knickers you have. The fewer knickers you have, the more each pair will go through daily wear and wash cycles. Over time this can impact their quality, so you might have to replace your knickers more often than someone who has more sets. At Stripe & Stare, all of our knickers are made with TENCEL™, a super-soft, sustainable fabric made from wood pulp. It is ultra-comfortable and renowned for its long-lasting properties so that you can enjoy your knickers for longer!


Signs it's time to replace your underwear.

Knowing when to replace your knickers isn't a science. It's an art. Below, we've covered the telltale signs and symptoms that tell you when it's time to say farewell to the old and hello to the new.


Holes are a sign of a well-worn, well-loved pair of knickers. They're also a sign that it's time to let go. 


After plenty of wear and wash cycles, the fabric of your knickers will eventually wear down, resulting in dreaded wear and tear. Unfortunately, when your knickers are sporting tears, there's no coming back.


Stubborn stains are a part of everyday life. However, if your favourite detergent or a round of bleach can't get rid of the stains, it's time to bid farewell.

Your underwear has stretched or lost its shape

Your knickers should empower you. They should fit like a glove and give you the confidence to get through whatever the week brings. If your underwear has lost its shape, it's definitely time for an upgrade. 

You might be surprised by how good new knickers will make you feel! Don't believe us? Check out our blog on how uncomfortable knickers can impact your mood


Why is it important to replace your knickers?

Replacing your knickers isn't just about looking and feeling good – It's also important for hygiene reasons. Over time, bacteria can accumulate in your underwear – particularly in the underwear you wear most frequently. This can put you at an increased risk of urinary tract and yeast infections, as well as unpleasant skin irritation.

Whilst the risk of such health problems is low, it's better to be safe than sorry. Replacing your underwear when you're supposed to will completely eradicate this risk and keep you happy and healthy!


What to do with old underwear?

Throwing your old underwear in the bin might be tempting; however, it's not the most eco-friendly way to dispose of it. Below, we've listed three sustainable ways to dispose of your underwear that you might not have thought of.


At Stripe & Stare, we pride ourselves on our knickers made from trees. All of our knickers are made from TENCEL™, and you can shop our 100% biodegradable knickers with our B-Edit collection – a world-first range! Simply throw your knickers in the compost and they will fully biodegrade within 180 days!

Donate them

Several brands will take back your old underwear to repurpose the fabric, whilst there are other organisations where you can donate your used garments to for recycling purposes. When you can, it's always a better idea to recycle than put them in the bin.

Make rags

The fashion and textile industry produces millions of tons of waste at an alarmingly destructive rate every year. Rather than send your old underwear straight to the landfill, why not repurpose it? Transform your old underwear into dusting or cleaning rags and give them a whole new lease of life.


How to make your underwear last longer

All knickers have a sell-by date; however, there are several things you can do to make your underwear last longer. Here are our top tips.

Invest in high-quality knickers

We've all heard the saying 'buy cheap, buy twice. Well, when it comes to underwear, this rings true. Higher quality underwear is designed using premium fabrics, meaning that it will last longer and withstand more wear. 

At Stripe & Stare, our products are made with 95% TENCEL™ fabric. Why? We care deeply about sustainability, the world we are leaving behind for the future, and designing our comfy, durable knickers for customers. Our range has something for everyone, including thongs, underwear sets, and boxers, so we’re confident you’ll find something to suit you!  

Hand wash your knickers 

Though a lifesaver at times, your washing machine can be harsh on your intimates. Give your knickers a break from the machine by hand washing them when you can. Simply add a drop of laundry detergent into the sink, and once complete, hang to dry!

Use a lingerie bag in the machine

If you wash your knickers in the washing machine, use a lingerie bag. This will protect your underwear from wear and tear, which will eventually cause the fabric to break down.  

Tumble dry on low

Tumble drying your intimates on low will prevent fraying, fading, and stretching. Certain fabrics are more at risk of shrinking, so keeping your dryer on a low setting will ensure that you get more out of your knickers and prevent unnecessary wear and tear in the long run. 


Shop high-quality underwear at Stripe & Stare!

We're all guilty of holding onto that one pair of shapeless but comfortable knickers – the pair that we wouldn't be caught dead in but can't bring ourselves to throw away. However, if your underwear is sporting holes, tears, or stains, it has no place in your knicker drawer, and it's most definitely time to be out with the old and in with the new. 

It would be best to replace your underwear every 6 to 12 months. Though, in terms of sustainability, the short lifespan of your underwear can have a truly detrimental impact on the environment. At Stripe & Stare, we do everything we can to minimise our environmental impact, from 100% recyclable packaging to biodegradable knickers that you can bury in your compost.

Looking for ultra-comfortable knickers that are kind to the planet? Designed with TENCEL™, our knickers are soft, sustainable and long-lasting. Shop our pick and mix knickers for our most popular designs at great value prices, or why not join our knicker club to receive a gorgeous pair at your doorstep every month!


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