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This January we’re rejecting the social pressures of New Year, New Me and instead we’re ridding ourselves of the deadweight of our underwear collections by starting small and refreshing our drawers. We’re tidying our knickers in pursuit of a tidy mind, cleansing our collections and prioritising comfort first. Sexy lingerie and holey undercrackers are out ladies, it’s time for an underwear detox. If this is the first you're hearing of our Refresh Your Drawers campaign, click here to read the full blog. 


Hands reaching into an underwear drawer with a folded knicker

The inspiration

As part of the process, we’ve adopted a knicker folding technique that is sure to change your life for the better. Taking inspiration from our organised queens, Clea & Joanna of The Home Edit, we’ve mastered the art of folded underwear and we’re telling everyone we know about it. If you currently can’t tell your knicker drawer from a jumble sale then allow us to inspire you and show off our newfound skills. 

We believe that nothing great was EVER achieved in uncomfortable knickers, so we're starting with our knicker drawers as we begin to take on 2023. It’s the small, bottom-up revolutions that can make the biggest difference.

The steps

We got S&S team member Jamie to show us how it’s done with our grey high rise knicker. Follow the steps below to create the neatest knicker folds you’ve ever seen, and stack with our beautiful lace facing outwards to create a knicker drawer of dreams.

Knicker folding technique guide

The competition

Now it’s over to you, give our knicker folding technique a go and organise your underwear drawer and be in with a chance of winning £250 to spend with us! Head over to our Instagram to find out more about our Refresh Your Drawers competition or enter here.


Folding knicker gif