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February is always the month of love but for us, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean waiting for a partner to give you flowers or buy you dinner. It means a celebration of love in all its forms. Our favourite forms are the ones between women. From the best friend who’s always there for you, to relationships between mothers, daughters, and sisters. And perhaps the most important of all – self-love.

 We asked our community to put forward their love stories and chose some to photograph and help us celebrate love in all its forms. We hope you love these stories as much as we enjoyed capturing them. All heart-warming, uplifting and full of love.

Love Story One: Sarah & Margot

A story of unconditional love between a mother and daughter.

mother and daughter collage
"Margot is 16 months old and don't tell my husband - but she is the love of my life. My love for Margot is unconditional. It's the strangest thing, you're exhausted during the day looking after kids, but as soon as they go to sleep, your love for them is so strong and you can't wait to see them again." - Sarah

 Love Story Two: Emily & Nelson  

 Eternal love in the form of pet companionship.

woman and her dog portraits

"My little rescue dog Nelson always makes me smile since coming into my life 6 years ago at the age of 6 months. Watching this small puppy who was afraid of the world grow into a strong and loving character that he is today has been the best love story of all." - Emily

Love Story Three: Laura

Meet Laura who is practicing the art of self-love.

"My love story is funnily enough about learning to love myself after coming out of a 15 year relationship and learning to love myself after years of putting myself down. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world. I've met my soulmate Matthew and I'm now starting over. My choices, my rules, my way.”

laura portraits

"I'm hoping to uplift and inspire other women out there, especially women who have experienced post-natal depression. I know how it feels to be isolated and lonely as a new mum. My son is now almost 9 and he's taught me strength and resilience. I used this to propel myself into running during lockdown after I worked with Jessie Pavelka. I featured in a mini-series online all about transforming my life and starting a fitness journey. It made me realise that my marriage wasn't working and became the catalyst to my life as it is now. I am now studying psychology at university aged 34. I never thought I would be where I am but I'm excited for my future and what is next. Who knows!" - Laura

 Love Story Four: Jess & Charlotte

A story of long-distance friendship standing the test of time. 

"My love story is about my best friend Charlotte! We are now in a long distance friendship as we live in different cities. When this happens people tend to drift apart, but no matter how much time goes by, whenever we see each-other we are EXACTLY the same. We are both super busy with our careers so even texting something takes a while to get responses but we make up with lots of voice notes! She is such a boss woman and I am so extremely proud of how she has progressed in her career with nothing but hard work and super talent!"

friends photoshoot

"She is my inspiration. We have been friends since school and have been bestie from day one. She is the most reliable, fun, outgoing, happy person ever! Everyone needs a Charlotte in their life and I am so so lucky to have someone like her to call my friend. There was one time in our whole friendship where we had a tiff and didn’t speak for maybe a month (probably a few weeks but left like forever) and we both actually felt like we had broken up. It was awful! That will never happen again but it 100% shows how important friendships are and how much love is involved.” - Jess

 Love Story Five: Elisa & Sarah

A heart-warming story of a strong mother-daughter bond.

mother daughter photoshoot

“My mum (known as Mama P to many) has a lot of love (and hugs) to give always. She is a force of nature and for as long as I can remember, between her very busy work life, has never faltered on her unwavering support and love, for not just myself, my sister, and dad, but for everyone around her. Between running two restaurants, she doesn’t often have the time for herself, and can feel a bit disheartened at times (as we all do). So, I wanted to write in as a love story to her and a thank you for her unconditional support and love.”- Elisa

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