International Women's Day

L O C A T I O N : S & S H Q

While International women's day is a day we look forward to every year to celebrate all the incredible women that surround us, we also use it to as a day to reflect on the wonderful women that make up our team, as without them we would not be making the impact we are. From our warehouse team to digital and design, all the way to customer care and operations, the ladies behind S&S (and the few wonderful men!) are working together to change the world, one knicker at a time! We also wanted to thank you - our lovely customers! We wouldn’t be here without you. See how we are marking this special occasion.

In Conversation With Katie & Cathy

Our team sat down with Co-Founder Katie & CEO Cathy for a friendly Q&A session (with pizza and brownies of course). We talked all things being a female in business, and also how this has shaped their lives.

Sharing pieces of advice they'd give to their younger selves at at the start of their careers, and providing eyeopening insights into the challenges they've faced along the way, the team is so grateful to be led by such strong women who always have their door open.

"We rise by lifting others."

- Our Co-founder Katie's favourite quote!

Females in Fashion at No.10 Downing Street (Eek!)

Co-Founders Katie & Nicola were invited to Downing Street in order to celebrate London Fashion Week’s 40th anniversary (Eek, pinch us moment!) What a great way to celebrate so many strong females in fashion (with the added bonus of champagne of course!)

"Today was one of those mad, surreal days that life throws at us. We were invited to a female founder’s lunch at Number 10 with the Sunaks where conversation was focused on female entrepreneurship and the changes that need to happen. Do we all know that less that 2% of investment money goes to female founders in the uk? Despite returns being 50% higher? The research into the unconscious  bias is staggering. And you see us here with our great friend Rene from @lisoulondon, as a woman of colour your chances of investment are down to about 0.02%. There was a group of 20 of us in the room today and we all felt heard. And as though this is a problem recognised at the highest levels. Thank you to @rishisunakmp and @akshatamurty_official for hosting and listening. 💖💫 And to @saharhashemiobe and @buywomenbuilt we believe the work you’re doing will change future women’s lives ❤️. If you can see it, you can be it."

- Katie, S&S Co-founder  

Read the post here.

Giving Back (The S&S Way)

Trevi is a local charity we have supported over the years. They provide support to women at a crossroads or crisis, and we donate any underwear, lounge or pyjamas that we can. Supporting women, and preventing any landfill waste - a win, win! A big thanks to Ellen our E-Commerce Assistant for organising our charity stock.

An award-winning women’s charity based in Devon, Trevi has been operating since 1993. Their mission is to provide safe and nurturing spaces where women in recovery can heal, grow and thrive. Trevi is the lead partner for the Southwest Women’s Spark Project which aims to prevent women with multiple disadvantages, being affected by violence and abuse; ultimately achieving a better-quality of life.

Find out more about Trevi here.

For Women, by Women.