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If you have ever had a cringe-inducing story caused by your undergarments, you’re not alone! After listening to Emilie McMeekan and Annabel Rivkin expose the ins and outs of their underwear drawer in their latest episode of “I’m Absolutely Fine’, we decided to ask our friends and fans what their embarrassing knicker story is…
Hand wearing marigolds holding a washing up brush
'In only my knickers & my marigolds!’ ‘I like to clean the bathroom in just my pants. Nothing more, nothing less. One morning I was happily scrubbing away when the doorbell rang. After a minute or so, I walked over to the doorway to make sure they had left, to find someone staring through the letterbox at me – in only my knickers and my marigolds! Safe to say they left with more than they bargained for.’
Model posing in a studio wearing neon yellow knickers
‘WTF – Did I really wear those!’ ‘I’ve just cleared out my underwear drawer about 20 years overdue – chucked out a pair of cashmere boy shorts (what? Why?) AND a pair of lace pants with pearls instead of a gusset?! WTF – Did I really wear those!’
Thong pegged to a washing line
‘They must be your flatmates…’ ‘In my 20’s, I snuck out of a party early to go to a guy’s house I had been dating who I knew was bad news. I raced home to change into jeans to seem more casual but as I was walking up his stairs, a lacey red g-string fell out the bottom of my jeans. He was like ‘erm…I think you’ve left your pants on the stairs’, to which I outrightly refused to accept they were mine and said ‘no, no, they must be your flatmates’ and just left them there. I still think about them to this day. Who knows where that g-string ended up!’
Model posing in tie dye underwear with denim shorts around her ankles
‘I passed exhibit A to my horrified daughter’ ‘One weekend whilst we were away, one of our daughter’s friends and her boyfriend stayed at our house for the weekend. They slept in our bedroom. In a flourish of nocturnal activity, he or she discarded her knickers and forgot about them. I returned to the house on Monday, without my wife. Fresh sheets of course. At the end of that week, just before my wife’s imminent arrival, I did a quick hoover and found the knickers on the floor under her side of the bed. I passed exhibit A to my horrified, but slightly amused daughter, who immediately understood the potential gravity of the situation. She quizzed her friend who felt duty bound to let my wife know they were hers and no one else’s…’
What’s YOUR embarrassing knicker story? We’d love to hear all about it. Tag us on Instagram @stripeandstare or use the hashtag #MyEmbarrassingKnickers   Love, S&S x

Listen to this week's episode of 'I'm absolutely fine!' by The Midult on Big Girl Knickers, here.

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