The Best Knickers For Intimate Hygiene

woman wearing black knicker lying down
mocha knicker on model
mocha knicker on model

“The vagina is a finely tuned organ that knows how to keep you healthy. It's controlled ecosystem helps prevent infection, keeps itself clean, and creates a welcome environment for the “healthy” bacteria to live” (summers eve) 

Victoria Goodman MSc says...

“Despite what that entire aisle of ‘feminine products’ in the chemist is telling you, your vagina doesn’t need washing at all - it’s like a self-cleaning oven. Your normal production of discharge will keep the vaginal microbiome happy and healthy. And please, don’t douche! Your vagina doesn’t take kindly to waterboarding. Your vulva doesn’t need a vigorous wash either, water is just fine. If you really have to use soap, find one that is as natural as you can, without fragrance. Your vulva does not want to smell like a flower.”

bright knickers on models holding eachother
black high rise knicker on model
black high rise knicker on model

“People who are prone to sweating or exercising regularly, should avoid wearing cotton underpants. Cotton fabrics absorb moisture and keep it within, difficult to dry. Yeast thrives on moisture — so if you trap moisture in your fussy silk and mostly nylon blend underwear, you're creating a prime breeding ground for infections.” (Business Wire)

- Moisture wicking fibres

- Light-weight fibres that breathe with the skin

- Using 95% less water to produce than cotton

- Proven to be 2x softer than cotton

- Flatlock stitching that means minimised VPL

cocoa high rise knicker on model