Twice as soft as cotton

Exhibiting high flexibility, TENCEL™ Modal wood-based fibres offer a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness. Owing to the fibre’s sleek cross-section, TENCEL™ Modal fibres enhance the soft touch of fabrics even after repeated washing.

Measurements and hand evaluations of softness show that TENCEL™ Modal fibres feeltwiceas soft as cotton. The softness lasts longer and is able to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles compared to cotton.

Recyclable packaging

All our packaging is 100% biodegradable or recyclable. From our cardboard gift boxes to our plant-based bio bags, even our stickers can be put in the compost!

You've also got the option to go packaging-free.

Breathable fabric

TENCEL™ Modal fibres naturally manage the transportation of moisture, enhancing fabrics by keeping your skin feeling pleasantly comfortable. Derived from natural material, the sub-structure of modal fibres is structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture.

This contributes to breathable fabrics that support the body’s natural temperature regulating properties, creating a refreshingly cooling sensation on your skin.

Flattering cut = no riding up

Wearing knickers designed by women ensure they are the perfect cut. There is nothing worse than your underwear riding up and giving you what we like to call Hungry Bum all day long.

Our knickers have been tried and tested, gathering the reputation as The World's Comfiest Knickers.

Minimises VPL

Our flatlock stitching combined with lace ensures our knickers lay flat against the skin, meaning no dreaded unsightly lines!

Our underwear feels like a cloud-soft second skin that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing at all.