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Wimbledon-Worthy Knickers

As women responsible for creating the knicker that changed the game, we’re here to break down the rules of finding Wimbledon-worthy underwear guaranteed to keep you comfy all match long. Whether you’re working up a sweat on the courts or supporting from the sidelines with a Pimms in hand, we’ve got five rules to help guide you to knickers you will love.

“The best underwear for workouts is the pair

you don’t even realize you’re wearing.”

- Women’s Health

“We wear underwear to act as a barrier, protecting our clothes from

vaginal discharge, blood and sweat, and also to protect our vulva and vagina

from irritation from clothes. Not wearing underwear when working out can be problematic as

this will likely cause pain/chafing and excessive heat and moisture in the area.”

- Dr Sarah Welsh, Stylist

Most importantly, you want to opt for breathable fabrics,

especially when it comes to sweaty high-intensity workouts. Why? Staying cool and dry

down there is key to preventing unwanted infections, according to Dr. Minkin

 - Women’s Health

"Wearing a thong during exercise can bring E.coli living in the rear toward the front as you move,

increasing your risk for urinary tract infection," so briefs or other underwear with more fabric are a safer bet.

- Elle

Pay attention to size. “The tighter it is, the more it’s going to hold up against your vagina

and potentially trap moisture, bacteria, and sweat that can lead to infection.”

- Women’s Health

Switch your underwear after working out or use the shower right away.

"The longer your body is exposed to that environment, the greater propensity that

your pH could become imbalanced and lead to vaginitis."

- Elle

Katie’s Grandpa John Bromwich was a tennis mega-star in the 40’s, his tenacity and fairness being a huge inspiration to Stripe & Stare. His mantra of learning to roll with the punches and not stressing the small stuff ties into S&S’s brand DNA, the title of his book giving us endless inspo -  “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same.” By Rudyard Kipling.  It is also written over the entrance to Centre Court so what the players read everytime they walk out for a match.