Our Factories

We have a few factories we work with for different steps of the production process. Our main factory is with our partner Adam and his small team of 50 in Guandong, China. Our other factory is in Leicester, in the UK with Barbara and her team of 10 women at Fine Knits Ltd. We also work with two local embroiderers based in Devon.

All of the factories we work with are free of child labour and forced labour and provide empolyees with a safe environment to work. Every worker in our supply chain is paid the living wage or above. 

Our China Factory

Our Creative Director, Katie, has worked with Adam from Charming Garments for over 12 years. Adam has worked tirelessly to help us create the perfect knicker since 2017 and even sourced the sustainable TENCEL MicroModal fabric.

We visited the factory in 2019 to meet the team and catch up with Adam. It was great to get to know the people who make our knickers and make exciting plans for the year ahead. Here are a few photos from our visit:

Our Leicester Factory

Barbara owns a small, independent factory in Leicester with her small team of 10 women. Barbara produces all of our fashion pieces and small runs of loungewear. We often work with Barbara on sample runs to test out new collections.

The team at Fine Knits Ltd use unique Heritage Tubular Knitting Machines. The small factory has a long history of developing and manufacturing products for exclusive private label brands, like us!